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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Return to Work not Perfect, but should get better

Dearest Dr Blake,

Good Morning Dr Blake.

i have been meaning to write to answer your question re how you can make your blog better...

i think that the blog is just perfect the way you have structured.
it is truly a site filled with informations and stories that are enlightening and lessons that are useful to many who are on a journey to heal, understand and continue to be humans.
it shows your passion, dedication to your profession and to your patients
I have been trying to recall how  i found you in 2013 but i cannot dig it out of my memory.  I know that i will remember one day ...

i just completed two four hours shifts ~tues n wed.
my spine was already stuck in multiple areas  before the first day
R hip and top of T spine; so much so that i couldn't move or use my arm but i went to work as planned
Luckily Charlie (her physical therapist) was able to see me wednesday before my 2nd shift bec I know it's not smart to put my body though that again. he popped my T1-2 back in alignment thus i can move

I can feel that i'm sitting into my sit bones but not standing into both my feet; the external hip rotator excercise that you posted on may 1 truely help stretch the L hip, pelvic, inner groin n abd and the stiff neck  as well as made my body sit into the sit bone.
i'm hoping that this particular motions will free up n strengthen the R side and the whole lateral n medial line/chain

Thank you Dr Blake for everything you have done to take care of me;  i don't know what i would of done or where i would be if i didn't find you or your blog...

Have a fabulous anniversary trip and I will see you when you return because I did not get the week of vacation in June.

Forever grateful
Dr Blake's comment: This patient was out of work for 5 months, so needs on average 3-4 per month off to get back her strength. This was emailed separately. We are starting one month  3 times a week 4 hour shifts, then 1 month 3 times a week 6 hour shifts, and then 1 month 3 times a week 8 hour shifts. After that, based on what her body tells us, we will go from there. She stands most of her day, and has a critical job requiring 100% on top of her game, so it will take awhile. 

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