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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kind Words from Someone Who Understands the Importance of Feet!!!

Dear Dr. Blake, 

This is a long-overdue hymn of thanks to you for care in Dec 2009 & Feb 2010. 

In  August 2009, I sprained my right ankle badly.  I left for a Hawaii vacation 3 days later and limped all week in flip flops because I could not even wear a sneaker on the sprained foot. As the right ankle healed, I realized that I had developed pain in the opposite foot in the base of the 2nd toe, which is a hammertoe in the making. 

The pain increased. I saw one podiatrist, which didn't help.  On the recommendation of friends I made an  appointment with you, and after about 6 weeks of conservative care and shoe adjustments, you put me in a boot.  INSTANT RELIEF from pain - thank you so much!  - and I started PT as well, with anti-inflammatory meds and contrast bathing.  I also visited Cyrus at The Next Step in Albany, said goodbye to at least a dozen pairs of shoes, and outfitted the rest of them with orthotics as needed. I keep my wardrobe of orthotics-plus-shoes well cared-for. 

Since that time, I have slowly ramped up my activity levels, including Pilates reformer (GREAT for strengthening my feet!), dance, jogging, swimming, and plenty of walking.  I am healthier and happier than I've been in decades.  Even though I've just had a rotator cuff repair (hit some hidden ice while jogging in December), I know it's just a temporary reduction in activity level to help the repair stick. I also know my feet much better than I ever did - and they are helping me stay active and pain-free.  That hammertoe is still just hanging out, not causing trouble, and its associated joint in the ball of the foot is as quiet as a lamb.  The sprained right ankle occasionally reminds me to work on arch strength to help it out.  It's all part of the deal. 

I've purchased your book and have been following your blog off and on, recommending it to anyone I know with foot issues.  I'm on board for a mindful, active, healthy aging process to the best of my ability; I'm 58 now and feel that I've got decades of good solid movement ahead of me. 

Thank you so VERY much for your excellent work, for continuing your outreach to the world via book and blog, and for helping us all participate more fully in our own medical care.  You're an inspiration. 

​My left foot sends its own particular thanks from inside its very sensible pair of Dansko clogs, too. ​
​best regards, ​

Link to purchase my book for great tips for healing:

Dr Blake's comment: Thank you so very much. Thanks for honoring your feet and taking good care of them. I am so happy I could help. Rich

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