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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Optimism: Pass It On

The video above is about optimism and alot more. It is about finding out who we are as athletes and as individuals. It is about cross-training when you are injured and can not do our sport. It is about accepting who we are at any given moment and looking for answers in a positive light. It is about the glass half full. It is about realizing the journey is more important than the end result. It is about joy.

     As a kid, I would listen to the San Francisco Giants games on the radio. When the Giants came up, I would bat for them. When the Giants pitcher was on the mound, I would pitch for them. There was such joy in this journey. My childhood is filled with great victories of this sort. They are very happy memories. I would dream one day of playing for the Giants.

     The practice of medicine should be like this, celebrating all the victories, staying optimistic in the defeats. Finding hope in everything should be the goal. If strike 3 is called, the fun should only be beginning. I don't believe in strike 3 in medicine, the patient should get to hit like in T-Ball until they put the ball in play. I doubt major league baseball will go for that, but doctors/therapists/patients should. Give up after 3 failures at something. Nonsense.   

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