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Monday, February 6, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis and Sesamoid Injury

Hi, Dr. Blake,

I hope 2012 is treating you well!  You were so helpful to me last year when I was struggling with my sesamoiditis diagnosis.  I am still spreading the gospel of the Even-Up.

I have another question now.  I have had a pain in my right inner arch over the past few days, worse upon waking.  From my reading I suspect it is the beginning of plantar fasciitis.  I read your post about arch height-- for the record I have very high arches and VERY tight calves (one surgeon I saw for the sesamoiditis said I'd never be able to stretch them enough and recommended I get both gastrocnemiuses cut).  I stretch them on a foam wedge every morning but maybe it's not enough.

With sesamoiditis on both feet (I have bipartitite sesamoids) I want to be very careful about how to do stretches for the plantar fasciitis!  I've already refused to "walk the dog" from the downward facing dog in my yoga class, because I feared for my sesamoids...  Do you have any specific instructions?

Also, I guess it's time to face up to the fact that it might be good to wear plantar fasciitis splints at night.  But again, some of them look like they pull against the sesamoids in a bad way!  And I guess I should wear them on both legs, and so the big bulky ones would be hard to manage.  Do you have any splint suggestions?

Thank you for your ideas-- it is such a blessing to feel I can ask you and get a trustworthy answer.

Toni (name changed to protect the identity)

Hey Toni, Thanks for the email. That is not a typical place for plantar fasciitis, but it may be. I have attached a video  on plantar fascial stretches that do not pick on the sesamoid, another video on kinesiotaping for arch support, and ways to accommodate the sesamoid if you do go to the removable boot. Rich Also consider the rolling ice stretch twice daily described in the basic plantar fasciitis treatment posts. Thanks for you confidence in me.


  1. Great news! Glad you’re feeling much better!
    I also noticed you’re keeping your pace steady throughout which I remember you mentioning before about you wanting to work on that. Obviously, you are doing great!

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