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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Iliotibial Band Syndrome: General Thoughts

The top 10 treatments of IT Band Syndrome are:

  1. Develop an appropriate stretch that you can do to reduce the pain, then do that stretch 5 times daily. Go to Youtube and type drblakeshealingsole iliotibial band stretches.dreamstime_m_48700943.jpg
This is a yoga version of Iliotibial band stretching to stretch the lateral side of the hip and knee. It can be done also standing upright and also leaning against a wall.

This version of iliotibial band stretching can be done laying all the way done and then draping your leg over the other with a gentle pull from your opposite hand.

  1. Gradually strengthen the hip abductors with limited range of motion. I prefer theraband progressive resistive exercises. Keep your knee straight as you do them.  dreamstime_m_120661.jpg
Whether you are doing these standing or side lying, and especially if you add resistance, please you limited motion (max 3 inches away from other heel, starting 1-2 inches in front of and across the other foot). Too far away from mid line irritates the hip and is not in the functional range we need.

Here with the resistance bands you walk slowly sideways in one direction, then the other, building up time. I would use a longer theraband so you did not have to have your knees so bent.

3. Ice pack for 10-15 minutes or ice massage 5 minutes 3 times daily.

4. Use activity modification, typically you can run until you get initial symptoms, stop stretch walk several minutes, and begin running again. Repeat as needed with 20 minute ice pack afterwards.

5. Physical therapy to stretch, decrease inflammation, strengthen, and look for biomechanical faults.

6. Correct any biomechanical faults that may be causing like over pronation, over supination, or short leg syndrome.

7. If symptoms are mainly at the tibial attachment at Gerdy’s Tubercle, get a baseline x ray.

8. If symptoms do not respond at the hip greater trochanter, consider a cortisone injection for trochanteric bursitis.

9. Massage, either professionally or self, should be limited to the area above the knee and below the hip to avoid the bony prominences. This includes when you stretch/massage with the ethafoam roller.dreamstime_m_8846383.jpg
10. Taping of the leg has begun to prove helpful at times.
Not this type of taping!!
More like this type (there are many versions)

11. Like any tendinitis, BRISS is initiated. But, if symptoms linger, you have to think deeper, and consider xrays, nerve testing, MRIs, etc.

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