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Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Podiatry Christmas Poem

 'Twas the eve before Christmas
and Dawn took a look,
she took a look at her cold bare foot,

You see, the stockings had been hung by the chimney with care
and this made Dawn's foot to be chilly and bare!

Alas, the report she sent Santa, Doc Blake and all,
was that her foot was healed, heel, toe and all!

Dear Dr. Blake:

Merry Christmas to you.  You had asked me to send you an update in December.  This might not be in the format you expected....but none the less the foot is fine.  Thank you so much for your excellent care.

Dr Blake's Christmas Response:

Thank you so very much Dawn
As I am watching the rain green up my Lawn
Thank you so very much Dawn
This poem will surely make you Yawn

Your great news brought tears to my eyes
I could tell that they weren't mere lies
And for this I will take note and Rise
Yet, I know with your feet, this is probably not goodbyes.

Love, Rich

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