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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Calmare Pain Therapy for Foot Nerve Pain: Email from Patient

This email was Happy New Years to me. I have been working with this patient for many years. I recommended Calmare Pain Therapy several years ago. She had to drive to the doctor's office, stay 2 weeks at a hotel, and get the 10 required treatments to help her very severe left foot nerve pain. She may require some booster treatments in the future. Right now she is very gradually testing out her new left foot!! 

Happy New Year!!! 

I’m emailing you with fabulous news about the effects of the Calmare pain scrambling treatments that I received in December. 

After 10 sessions, the intensely debilitating nerve pain has drastically dissipated! Words can’t even touch the depth of gratitude I feel and the degree of excitement I have with this increased mobility in my life. Since Dec. 22nd, I’ve danced for 10 minutes at least 3x, have walked with a friend for 50 min, have gone window shopping with another friend, and even baked muffins! 

I’m taking things s l o w l y and steadily to ensure that I remain on this healing path. Wow, there’s nothing like an absence of nerve pain to bring out the giddy “kid in a candy store” and the “where do I want to travel to first” parts of me. I’m embracing this moment fully with glee and at the same time, am humbly moving forward to stay within the zone of diminished nerve pain. I am sooooo thrilled!!!! I still have joint, tendon, and ligament pain in the ball of my big toe joint and throughout the tendons and ligaments that connect to it. However, now that the nerve pain has diminished, I trust I’ll be able to tend to these mechanical issues with greater and more rapid success. Aho!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. I deeply appreciate you holding my healing journey within your heart and for your prayers during these treatments. I connected to the web of support many times while receiving these treatments  and want you to know how palpable and significant your prayers were … and are. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

(And, if there is anyone who didn't receive my prior email, please forgive me as I’m sorting through my 800+ contacts and I very possibly missed you.)

For those of you from the Bay Area dance community, I hope to see you soon - even if for 10 minutes at first - on the dance floor. I look forward to being with you within the non-verbal depth of our meditation practice and welcome connecting with you there. And for all of you from the Bay Area, I’m now available for walks in nature - as long as you’re open to sitting together at the midway point to rest and commune with the elements.

I wish you a year of rich and heartful connection with all that brings joy to your world. And, I wish for this planet and for all sentient beings who live upon it, that this is a year when the human race acts on greater behalf of this generous, amazing, abundant, stunning, and interdependent orb of life.

Love to you,

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