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Monday, October 23, 2017

Unresponsive Plantar Fasciitis: Email Response

Dear doctor,
    I came across your blog while I was searching for my chronic PF's cure and I have enjoyed reading your great insights.on foot problems. I have been suffering from PF for the past 5 years and I had been to 5 or 6 different podiatrists here in Tampa area and tried both custom and over the counter orthotics for my PF relief but to no avail. During this process, I found that each doctor has their own protocol to treat PF and I got very vexed with these doctors after failing to get any relief from the last doctor's multiple steroid injections(7-8) which were given to me more than a year ago! 

    I have also been icing and doing calf stretching and strengthening exercises as humanely as possible. During a recent trip (3 months) to India, I also went through PRP injections which gave me no relief yet. Kindly suggest a good podiatrist who can put me out of this misery. 8-)

I sincerely wish I am living in the bay area (SF) so that I can come to your office.


Dr Blake's response. 
Sorry for your problems, please get an MRI because it sounds like it could be a tear. Also, 2 podiatrists to see: Gerald Cosentino, DPM in Tampa and Matthew Werd, DPM in Lakeland. You can also go to the AAPSM website and look for other members of this great organization that live in this area. Rich

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