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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Post Bunion Surgery Suggestions from a Patient

Dr Blake,

Hi, things are really progressing for my toe! Pain is about 0.5 and it’s becoming more and more flexible. I’m in normal shoes with dancer pads—seems to be a good combo at this stage. In a few weeks, I’ll try some orthotics again. 

Anyway, if I had feedback for other patients it would be: 
  • Go to Defcon 4 of a healing program for yourself—it won’t get better unless you’re really doing the work. If you do the work, though, it will get better. 
  • Contrast baths are much more effective than just icing. Do it front of the TV at night. Easy.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen muscles and loosen up the joint. This really works.
  • Self-mobilization 3x per day works wonders. 
  • Elevate whenever possible.
  • Protect your toe from bumping into things with a toe guard or shoe.
  • Wear a post-op shoe when you sleep to protect it from injury at night. 
  • Take your time and remember that you’re injured—whenever I started feeling better I went too far with my movements and set myself back.
  • No pain meds—for me that would just mask injury and not give me feedback about progress and possibly further injure the toe without me knowing.
  • Lose weight to put less weight on your foot.

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