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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beginning Fitness as we Age along with Yoga helping Bone Health: Email Exchange with my patient

Hi Dr. Blake,

Thanks for all your help!  I think the Neuro EZE really helps alleviate my nerve pain in my toes!  I’ll switch now, as I am anxious to try out the Neuro One!  I’ll let you know what happens.  And, when I get back to my dance class, I’ll “buddy tape” my toes!

This is the TV show that I mentioned.  It has been on public television for 30 years!  I only have known about it for about 10!  I think my mother told me about it…  not sure….
It is a good well-rounded, well-thought-out exercise program for all levels of ability, and I liked it when I was post surgery last year. 

Here’s a few more that I know:

I also like the Classical Stretch show with the Canadian ballet dancer, Miranda Esmonde White. On KQED, this is being aired regularly, I get it on Channel 17 and there are youtube videos, too:

And then, there is a gentle Yoga by Peggy Cappy.  She calls it “Yoga for the Rest of Us”.  I saw her introductory presentation on PBS a few years ago.  It’s a good introduction for people who may be hesitant to start Yoga or have some limitations, or older adults.

I love my Yoga teacher, who does the Iyengar style.  It is “alignment” based and a pretty intense class.  My teacher, Tony Eason is a long-distance bicyclist and Marathon runner.  My DEXA scan results have improved over the last 9 years with Yoga.    I had read the research of Dr. Loren Fishman about Yoga and improving Osteoporosis after I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis.  I am now in the “safe” zone with my numbers!  I have a couple of his books on healing Yoga, and I’ve used his Yoga technique to help my rotator cuff as well.

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