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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Does B12 Injections help with Nerve Pain like Mortons Neuroma? Some feel it does and should be Considered.

A question was just asked my blog about the use of B12 injections for nerve pain like Morton's neuromas. This seems to be a technique not commonly in use, but why? I found many articles discussing its use and I would use the guidelines from the first article for the 2 injections. I do not see why it could not be added to cortisone or alcohol injections (although you would have to calculate the alcohol percentage with this in mind). The B12 comes 1000 micrograms per ml, so you would use 1/2 ml. See the interactions discussed in the last article below from the Mayo Clinic.

This article proposes 500 mcg (micrograms) of methylcobalamin injected around the nerve twice (after the first one wait 2 weeks for the second shot).

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