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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Secrets to Keep Moving: Page 1 upcoming 2nd Edition

Secrets to Keep Moving: 

A Guide from a Podiatrist


Richard L Blake DPM MS

2nd Edition: Proposed 2025


     I am happy to embark on a daily adventure to write the 2nd Edition of Secrets to Keep Moving, first published in 2016. As I finish each page of this 200 plus book, I will publish that page on my blog, including this page. The goal of the book is to update, shorten to make it less expensive, and make it center around self help (within reason). I hope to publish it in 2025. I am excited about getting your feedback on pages (comments to each blog post) so I can make multiple revisions before going to publication. I want this book something that you would want to give to a friend with knee pain, or understand all the self treatments for bunions. I am so excited that since this aspect is electronic, I can include videos of techniques or further explanations. Let’s get started.

General Book Organization

      I will have to break the book down into easy to digest injury chapters. These are:

  1. Foot Pain

  2. Leg Pain

  3. Knee Pain

  4. Thigh and Hip Pain 

  5. Low Back Pain

Of course, as a Podiatrist, I can only discuss problems above the leg that I treat conservatively.

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