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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sore Feet: Try Gel Inserts from JMS Plastics

If you only knew how hard I tried to make Sam comfortable (name changed). He had disabling sore feet under the big toe joints. It was more the skin that hurt than anything else. For the last year, he has been a little better with his memory foam orthotic devices (Hannaford style). I tried 6 different topcovers, Shear Ban (blue anti- friction patch), and various accommodations including cutting out the insert and shoe in the area of soreness. Finally, the medical suppliers at JMS Plastics sold me 3 mm J Gel to cover the orthotic, and Sam pronounced a cure. 

Here is a collection of some of my custom orthotic devices with various accommodations, topcovers, etc. The middle insert is seen with the 3mm J-Gel from JMS Plastics. 

The J-Gel has a smooth side and sticky side. The sticky side down against the orthotic device. You can not glue J Gel. 

The J Gel on top of the custom made orthotic device.

How I felt at times trying to figure out the solution to Sam's sore feet

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