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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Book 3 Practical Biomechanics for the Podiatrist

     I am so excited about published my third book on Practical Biomechanics. These books, with one more to be completed next year, are an accumulation of my 44 years as a Podiatrist. This book covers injuries from the ankle to low back as treated by a conservative Podiatrist. It also covers the injuries produced by pronation and supination. There are chapters limb length difference, shock absorption problems, weak and tight muscles, and current concepts being used to treat these issues. 


  1. Congratulations on your new book. I hope you are enjoying retirement.

    I do miss your awesome work. It’s been years since you made the last pair, but they seem to work well.

    I’ve been unable to find a podiatrist that comes anywhere near your level of excellence. However, I’ve made up for that with this blog and its videos.

    Indeed, I found this video

    of the most help in recovering from plantar fasciitis. The barefoot stretches were far superior (for me) than those with shoes. It’s been a number of weeks, but I’m almost back up to three miles.

    I continue to write thrillers ( and would love to send you a copy if you would like. I can be reached by email at

    All best and enjoy the rest of the Labor Day holiday.

  2. I have book 1 on kindle...looking forward to book 2 on that format

  3. Will book 2 be available on kindle anytime soon?

  4. Hi Richard! When do you expect the complete book to be available?

    1. The complete book will not be out until 2025 or 2026 which is why I started publishing the completed sections. Book 4 will be out 2024, and it will then take time to put it all together. Thanks for asking. Rich

  5. Congratulations Dr.Blake. Coming across your website has given me hope of figuring out a chronic sesamoid(I think) issue. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Type1a which I believe is making matters worse for recovering from this. Absolutely no one has been able to help me. Is there any way I could get in touch with you directly? Look forward to hearing back. Thanks!

    1. Christopher, I replied to you in a post today 12-1-23. Hope it helps. Rich


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