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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Toenail Fungus: Try using the Vinegar Balloon Method!!

Hi Rich,

Check out my improvised vinegar soak method.  Took some doing (a plastic syringe to get the fluid into the ballon, once installed, and deflated, on my toe). Only downside i see is the mild tourniquet effect it's having...  But I'm up and about at home, and not using a quart of vinegar to get the job done!

Hope you're well, and perhaps enjoying the Olympics...

Most of you know that I love vinegar soaks or patches two or three times a week for toenail fungus. And, most of you know I live in San Francisco, also called Northern Silicon Valley, where very smart people live. Here is one of these very smart people with family obligations improvising to make sure he gets his vinegar soaks done. Thinking outside the box to be sure!!!!

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