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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bunions: Bunion Care 101

Bunions, also known fondly by podiatrists as Hallux Abducto Valgus Deformities, should be treated from the day you start getting serious about them with 6 different modalities. These 6 modalities or treatment choices are called Bunion Care 101 (remember English 101). These 6 modalities are:

1) Medium toe separators or spreaders ( highlighted in the photo above. These are to be worn with any enclosed shoes.

2) Yogatoes or knockoff 20 minutes at least 3 times weekly.

3) Ice massage (when bunion sore) or moisturizing cream massage 5 minutes 2 times per day until the skin looks normal.

4) Adhesive padding( not over the bunion or on the toe, but just behind the bunion toward the arch in any tight shoe. You place on your foot as close to the bunion as possible before you put your sock on. Never put under the foot. Should be about 1" square, buy 1/4" thick, but cut down to not show.

5) Wear shoes that do not press (perhaps squared toe or no reinforcements across this area).

6) If your foot pronates inward, arch collapse, you need to support the arch with a stable shoe and some sort of arch support. The stable shoe is most important, but an arch support that takes weight and centers the pressures in your foot is vital with pronators.


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  1. Person suffering from it, feels severe foot pain, rigidity Bunion foot etc. It is a condition when the big toe starts pointing towards the second toe, which leads to a bumpy formation on the inner edge of the toe. One should take care of foot, should wear footwear that compress the toes.


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