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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morton's Neuromas: Nerve Pain in the Front of Foot

This is going to be a reader (are you guys out there?) based post on various topics. But I want the focus to be POSITIVE NEWS. Emphasize what has worked for you. Do not emphasize what has not worked for you on this site. If you can relate in 1 to 6 sentences at most what was HELPFUL in your treatment, you will help hopefully 100’s who read the post (eventually!!). I will comment occasionally and will initially try to have my own patients generate a lively conversation. I am very sure that we all will learn a lot from those who post comments. With most injuries, it takes 2 to 5 treatment avenues (for example, icing, stretching, inserts, physical therapy, etc.) to completely get better and prevent reoccurrences. STAY POSITIVE for the reader. With all the negativity in the news and on the web, and when a patient is dealing with pain, they need a POSITIVE HEALING message. Pain is negative, let your comments be positive. POSITIVE NEWS brings HOPE and hope allows for HEALING. Please be a part of the HEALING PROCESS. I will place this paragraph at the top of each of these Reader Speak Outs.

Question for the Reader(s): If you have had pain in the front of your foot that has been diagnosed a Neuroma, what 1 treatment do you think was helpful/most helpful? If you have more than 1 you would like to discuss, please do a separate post.


  1. I had neuromas, both feet, same spot as in the photo above since the age of 19. I did not get surgery because the podiatrist I saw for a second opinion was against it. Thank you, Dr. Barrett. What he did was add a thin roll of cotton, like a skinny cigarette, parallel to the toes, and between the bones that were pinching the nerve, lifting and separating them ever so slightly. He added it to the top of my existing orthodics. This relieved the pressure and pain in walking and standing, but I still found zumba or more impactful exercise to irritate them. Fast forward 30 years and I've toss my orthodics with the clever addition. Instead, since November of last year, I've been wearing inserts to correct my Morton's foot ( The neuromas have HEALED. I can't even illicit pain when I press on them. Yay! I am not selling these inserts. I just wish everyone with Morton's foot could try them. Love love love. Thanks for this website, too. It is super interesting and very generous of you doc.

  2. Hey I know it has been a while since you posted this comment but I have the same exact problem. However, the area affected in my foot is between two different toes than in your case. Still I would like to know what type of inserts you used for your neuromas. I went on the website but could not find one specifically for neuromas. Please help. I can't run or jump... :(


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