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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shoe Evaluation: Shoe Flexion Test

The Shoe Flexion Test checks flexibility of the front of the shoe. You are testing whether the shoe bends correctly or in the wrong place. As you walk or run, you need to bend your foot in the metatarsal or ball of the foot area as the heel lifts off the ground. This easy motion is called propulsion or push-off. It should occur only at the right place or injuries may occur. Grab the shoe again (like the post of Shoe Torsion Test) firmly at the heel. Then, grab the toe area and simulate toe bend by bending the toes upwards. The second photo demonstrates the shoe easily bending, not at the ball of the foot, but at the arch. This is how injuries to the arch, or plantar fascia, can occur. The shoe actually forces the foot to bend at the wrong place. Ouch!!! Combine the Shoe Flexion Test with the Shoe Torsion Test with Heel Verticality Test from other posts and you are beginning to have a clear understanding on how evaluate the safety of the shoes you buy. Good Luck!

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