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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heel Pain or Heel Blisters: Achilles Gel Pad to the Rescue

Silipos Achilles Gel Heel Pad, Large - Extra Large - Each #10395

If you develop pain in the back of your heel that possibly is caused or made worse by shoe pressure, Silipos Company has come up with a great help called Silopad or Achilles Gel Pad. A thin, but effective, gel pad is placed into a thin Nylon/Lycra sock which is normally worn under your regular socks. Backpackers, known to blister terribly the back of their heels, normally love this sock to prevent this problem from re-occurring. Many patients wear the sock even while wearing dress or other types of shoes. Even when the problem starts out as achilles tendinitis, irritation from the back of the heel counter of the shoe can greatly slow down the rehabilitation. More information can be attained at .

The outline of the gel has been highlighted in this photo above, and the side view seen below.

I hope some of the backpackers reading this post will consider this, especially if you have had previous blistering problems. I would like to refer you also to the separate post on Guidelines for Blister Care.

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