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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Neuro-Eze for Nerve Pain

     Neuro-Eze is an over the counter product for nerve pain or neuropathy (abnormal sensations including burning, numbness, tingling, buzzing, pain, etc) that I have had some good luck. I first heard of it from renowned (and extremely bright) Dr Arlene Hoffman, podiatrist in San Francisco. If you are having nerve symptoms in your feet, buy a bottle online from and rub it in for several minutes 3 times daily to the affected area. Try for a month on one foot to test your response, even if both feet are bothering you. I have had just as much luck with Neuro-Eze in 50% of  patients, than with much more expensive creams/gels from a prescription compounding pharmacy. Please respond to this blog with comments or questions regarding its usage. It is a high concentration of an amino acid L-Arginine. I am unclear if it has any side-effects, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. See .


  1. Any secondary effects when you used the cream

  2. Any secondary symptoms effect when I used neuro-eze neuropathy cream


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