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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Swelling Reduction: Video on Contrast Bathing

     The above video discusses the powerful method of contrast bathing to reduce swelling from an injury. The classic rule of athletic injury rehabilitation is 4 days ice followed by heat. This has been modified greatly over the years since prolonged heat on an injured area may increase swelling and prolong the injury. Contrast Bathing, alternating heat and ice in some ratio, has been a very successful treatment of the sports injury's arch enemy: Swelling. Of course, if you have cold sensitivities, contrast bathing should be replaced with more compression, elevation, room temperature prolonged water baths, and massage to remove swelling. I have attached below the link to a previous post "Secrets of Contrast Bathing" which explains more of the nuiances. I hope this greatly helps you. Remember as you add more heat to the ratio, if you feel more stiff and swollen, go back to the previous level. I do have several patients in experimenting with the right ratio of heat to cold find that they use more cold than heat to get the job done (for example, 1 min heat 4 min cold times 4). What ever works!!

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