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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hip Replacement Surgery and Short Leg Syndrome

     Once you have had hip replacement surgery, there are incredible muscle and soft tissue weaknesses and tightnesses to overcome. Physical Therapists are key in correcting the soft tissue/muscular problems which develop due to surgery. Remember, all joints are weaker after surgery and need to be restrengthened.

     Yet, hip replacement surgery, in my estimation, leaves most patients with a short leg. Unfortunately, the xray shown above is not commonly done preop, so the surgery itself may be lessening the difference. But, in treating patients post hip replacement surgery, treatment of their short leg with lifts can be an extremely helpful part of their progress. I do try to save radiation as much as possible, but these Standing AP Pelvic Xrays can be vital at establishing the exact amount of leg length difference to start Lift Therapy.

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  1. One of my friend has gone through the hip replacement surgery and after few weeks, she was feeling much better. Liked the information shared. Waiting for new posts!


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