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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I hope you will grant me a short bit of reflection for today is my 30 Year Anniversary of being a podiatrist at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco, California, at the renowned Center For Sports Medicine. This photo represents who I am--A Team Player. I team up with my wife for a great marriage, I team up with my kids and one spouse and friends, and I team up at work to be the Best I Can. When I play sports, winning is secondary to how I held up my end of the bargain and played hard for my team. When I am at work, I am always thinking about others (my staff, my fellow docs, my patients). I strive to be a great Team Player and never ever let them down. Do I? of course. Do I want to let them down? never. 

I must admit I am tiring after 30 years. My energy level is waining. I continue to fight my battles, but I feel a deep call to simplify and keep centered. I know I have to re-invent myself every few years, so last year I started this blog, started teaching more, and I am currently trying to learn Electronic Medical Records and ICD 10 codes. Everything I do is for a team of one form or another. My office, my hospital, my patients, my family. So, I was sad no one knew that this was my big day. And I am  very very proud of this day.The significance of today was all I could think of. 

I am 57, and after spending a lot of money getting 2 kids through private colleges, need to continue to work for retirement. But, the next 15 years can be at a more relaxed pace. So, with the help of good health, I look forward to the last 1/3 (15 years) of my practice life as a sports medicine podiatrist increasing my blog as a form of teaching, increasing my formal teaching and lecturing, maybe a little research, maybe a few trips for R and R. 

Thank you for allowing me to have this special time with you. Please let me know topics you want to hear about. Consider us a Blog Team. I don't want to let you down. You are part of my team as we try to help people with various foot and ankle problems.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Dr. Blake!!! I have just recently learned of your blog in researching to desperately find answers to my food problems. Your blog and website and videos have been most informative. Thank you for your dedication to helping people and being a team player in all you do! Best wishes for many more years of health!

  2. Thank you for your blog and congratulations on your 30 year anniversary!

    Your blog has helped me to take more responsibility for helping my feet to be healthier and stronger!

    Because of your blog, I use power-lacing to provide more stability, toe separators for small bunions to make them more comfortable and hopefully no larger, Hapad pads to shore up my fast-fading arch, metatarsal pads to combat my hammertoes and foot and leg exercises to help my posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Your blog is very helpful to my problematic feet and I'm grateful that you publish it - thank you again!!



  3. PS I forgot to add that I use toe stretchers (generics) as recommended for bunions on your blog!


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