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Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Year in Podiatry: An Introduction

1 Year in Podiatry

by Dr Richard Blake

     This will be a fun year, although not without it's problems. This is purely educational, yet my personal biases will be apparent. I will take one patient a day from my practice, change their names for privacy, and discuss some aspect of their situation. Through them, we will learn some truth, some treatment plan, some story.

     I have been in practice for 31 years, have taught hundreds of podiatrists, tried and failed to write a book twice, and getting worn out by the business of medicine. Yet, I started my podiatry blog two plus years ago, and my readers have re-energized me. I see I must try to get out information that is being lost. When I say I practice the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, most students run the other way.

     The year will not take a year, but it will have 365 patients involved. Since, one day will their day, and no other, I will be adding to their experiences when appropriate until the book is complete. This book will get published in written form, but not until I am complete, so it will be a weekly addition to my blog.

     I went into the field of podiatry because of it's exceptional treatment of athletes. The 1970's were the early days of sports medicine. I was able to study under Dr James Garrick, orthopedic surgeon, one of the founders of the sports medicine field. The truths that he taught me are spread throughout this text.

     My number one bias that will resound in these pages is what type of treatment is best for the patient at that time. Sounds simple, but trying to deliver care that is the best for every patient, every day, with sometimes little information to go on, can be very tough to do. But, every day this is what must be attempted.

     I will be emphasizing the truths I have found in medicine. I call them The Golden Rules of Foot. I say them over and over, to patient after patient, in situation after situation. I rarely find exceptions to these, so they are more than just generalizations. An example? Golden Rule of Foot: Begin to re-strengthen your injury almost as soon as the injury takes place.

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