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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Orthotic Stability: Check Placement of the Orthotic Device within the Shoe Itself

When designing custom made functional foot orthotic devices, the proper shoe fit is essential. The photos below demonstrate a common problem when placing an orthotic device on top of the already existing shoe insert. It is important that the orthotic line up perfectly with the outside edge of the foot (baby toe side). However the inserts in the shoes can force the orthotic medially (towards the big toe side). This will cause the orthotic not to match with the foot, and possibly cause problems. 
The shoe insert under the orthotic device directs the orthotic device away from the outside edge of the foot causing poor fit issues including irritation, and both medial and lateral instability.

In this photo, the lateral (baby toe side) side of the shoe insert is cut away of all but the part on the bottom.

This photo demonstrates how the orthotic device can be more easily seated laterally to line up with the lateral side of the foot. Patients should be reminded always to place the orthotic device into the shoe so that it lines up along the outside (lateral) (baby toe side) of the shoe. 

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