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Monday, November 25, 2013

Neural Flossing: Initial Lesson for patient with Ankle Nerve Pain

Podiatrists deal with a lot of nerve pain. Neural Flossing or Gliding is a great technique to be tried to gently move the nerve and prevent scar tissue and swelling to collect around the nerve. Here, this wonderful patient, agreed to have me video her initial exposure to Neural Flossing. The motion should be gentle and smooth. The patient should do 10 leg extensions and 10 leg flexions 3 times per day. For nerve pain in the foot and ankle, neutral spine is important. The patient should extend the hip, knee, and ankle with foot pointing, then immediately flex the ankle, knee, and hip. Comparing the two sides is a great way of seeing the differences, the starting point issues,  and the  progress made. This patient has a long way to go, but the lesson really showed us a lot of why she is still having problems with lower extremity stability.

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