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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hallux Limitus: Podiatrist vs Orthopedist

I was told I have hallux limitus over a year ago.  My podiatrist gave me a shot in my toe and that seem to help for awhile.  He said that I would need to have the joint replaced that after looking at my xray I am bone on bone.  Joint is shot.....not his words.  Anyway, I want to get a second opionion.  I have made an appointment with a good orthopedic for January.  Is this good to go see an ortho too.


Dr Blake's response:

     Both professions in general do a good job treating this ailment, but I suspect if you see 4 doctors (podiatrists or orthopedists) you will have 4 different approaches. This is definitely an injury that has its own artistic flare in treatment, and each doc is going to have a different approach. You want to find someone that is an artist as well as a technician. Since no one will make this joint normal again, and treatment typically is life long, find someone that does not necessarily have the "To Cut is To Cure" mentality. In this case, "To Cut is to Start Over" is more like it. You want someone who understands that the surgery should make the joint better for awhile, and that there will be management questions and concerns that come along constantly. I hope this makes sense. I have placed some of my other post links below on this topic. Dr Rich Blake

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