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Monday, March 17, 2014

Drawing Salve: Help to pull out problems out of your foot

Hi Dr. Blake,

This is the CPA with the dog hair stuck in her foot!  Sorry it took me a while to email you, but here’s a link to the drawing salve I told you about:

Update on my foot - After I saw you, I soaked my left foot every night and after a few days, the hole started to get red and it hurt again.  I continued to soak, but after soaking and rinsing off, I bandaged it with this drawing salve for 4 or so nights.  The pain went away and I think the hole in my foot is closing up nicely now.  One other thing, do you remember right before I left, I told you I thought I had another hair in my other foot, but we both didn’t see anything?  It turns out I did have something in there!  I started to feel a bump a day after I saw you.  I soaked it for a week or so along with my left foot and whatever it was came out!  Thanks!

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