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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday's Patient Question of the Week: Advice for Plantar Fascia Injections

Hi i have plantar fasciitis in both feet and have been told i need injections but i am terrified of needles. I was wondering how much it actually hurts, and whether you can return to work the following day?

One Image to give yourself if you are going to get an injection is that the injection is going to make you more beautiful inside and out. 

Dr Blake's comment:

Shots for Plantar Fasciitis are normally done from the side of the foot where the skin is softer. So, it would be more painful if injected from the bottom of the heel. I use Ethyl Chloride skin coolant to numb the skin before the actual injection, and that typically helps alot. You should ice for 20 minutes just after the shot and several more times that day. People go back to work after the shots, but no running for 2 weeks. You can inject long acting steroid into the bursae under the heel, but typically not into the plantar fascia itself. All these fine points are really up to the doctor, and most based on what he/she finds and is trying to accomplish. I have given heel shots that feel like a little prick to sharp pain, so have someone hold your hand, and definitely do not look. Bring music and earplugs so that you can relax before/during the shot. I pray you will not feel it at all. Look at the video and ask the nurse to see if some of these tips could be used. The Emla Occlusion is wonderful, but requires getting the medication and you coming one hour beforehand.  Rich

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