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Monday, September 1, 2014

Slomo: A Soul check for us all

     I have been asked why I write my blog for hours and hours on sunny days or late into the night. Part of the answer lies in this very well done video on a doctor that simplified his life to save his soul. This blog is more from my heart and soul than anything else I do in medicine, because it is pure. A pure gift without expectations of rewards. It allows me to get off my treadmill of chaos and deadlines, and just be with the act of giving.
     The video explains that this doctor had to save his soul or materialism and bitterness and depression would have got him. He had to do something big, but individual, and right for him. He had to do something "soulful" which always brings you peace, joy, and happiness. In the video, you can see the true joy he receives. Contrary to majority opinion, it is not escaping life, but living life robustly.
     I work hard, and have some materialistic tendencies I fight, but I try to find what brings me peace, joy, and happiness to stay centered. When I am not centered, I am unhappy. I have been centered enough in life, that I feel terrible when I am not.
     Some of you know I love basketball. It is a game I have played in 7 decades, so it is the only remaining activity of my long ago youth. Playing basketball, as I did this morning, makes my heart sing for joy, even when I am not wearing my iPod. I do not have to visualize my childhood, one or two dribbles and I am transported back 50 plus years ago.
     My best friend is my wife. Being in medicine, and working long long hours has not afforded me many long term friends. Alot is my fault, but in reality, it is really my choice. I have willingly chosen to dedicate my life to my best friend for the last 42 years. She is my soul mate, my companion, my heart and soul. I would rather be with her, or my children, than anywhere else.
     So, I will not start the San Francisco version of Slomo. But, I will take his incredible insights, and continue to find my soul, and keep my soul healthy. I will continue to ask when confronted by opportunities, is this something that will help my soul and bring more love and health and peace into this world? If the answer is yes, I may be adding a new skill.

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