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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toe Nail Fungus: Onchyomycosis

Hi Dr Blake,

     You treated me for big toe onychomycosis a few years ago. I had used penlac for many months.It had cleared my infection. You just had to remove the build up of the med I had on my toe. Anyways, I am a pharmacist with Walgreens. Since my visit with you have a regularly referred 1-2 patients a month to your site regard toenail onychomycosis. I encourage them to visit your site. Forget the otc stuff and trying oral meds until they try your simple vinegar protocol. If that does not work, go see you. I thought that I would share that with you. 

Dr Blake's comment: I personally thanked this doctor for his note to me, and here the link to the protocol he mentioned. 

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