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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hallux Rigidus: Consider New Balance Fresh Foam 980

Dr Blake
I hope this note finds you well. 
 I wanted to let you know about my experience with the New Balance fresh foam 980. I've been dealing with hallux rigidus for about 20 years now, with reasonable success running with orthotics (I've had a much better experience than many of the people with hallux rigidus I've read about on your blog so I guess I can't complain too much). 
I got a new set of orthotics recently and was recommended to try a neutral shoe with them. I've always run in support or motion control shoes with orthotics before, so I had little experience with neutral shoes, but happened to try on a pair of 980s for the heck of it.  New Balance advertised the 980 as their entry into "max cushioning"; however, the 980 cushioning is rather firm, not mushy,  and   providing a stable base for the orthotics. The forefoot is stiff, and the outersole has a mild rocker, so  toe off is smooth. Importantly for me, the 980 comes in 4E widths (unlike Hoka One One), and the forefoot is very deep so it doesn't rub against the bone spurs on my big toe joint. 

Dr Blake's comment: Thanks Jim, It sounds good for most forefoot injuries like Hallux Rigidus, Sesamoid Injuries, Morton's Neuroma, etc. I will post it on my blog. From reading the reviews below, it runs narrow, and may not work for patients with high arches. 

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