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Friday, November 28, 2014

Power Lacing (AKA Runner's Loop): Amazing Added Support to shoes

Power Lacing was first described to me in a 1980s article in Runner's World. The phrase Power Lacing was coined at that time since Power was the word of the time: Power Plays, Power Meetings, Power Bars, so why not Power Lacing. It has been a significant help to my patients in their attempt to gain stability. 

You need to use the last two eyelets for Power Lacing. If you are short on lacing, skip the third and go out the second hole and back in the first (highest hole). All my patients with orthotic devices should be taught power lacing to prevent heel slippage. 

After the loops are made on each side, the lace is brought through and the laces are tightened. 

This next video shows this and 3 other great lace modifications: Parallel Lacing, Bruised Toe Lacing, and Hot Spot Lacing. 

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