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Monday, December 15, 2014

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Email Advice

Dear Dr.blake
Hope you are doing well .
Just wanted to update you regarding the progress of my algodystrophy (that struke me after my sesamoiditis ) Dr Blake: Algodystrophy is another name for complex regional pain syndrome.
As this might help other people who are in pain or experienced RSD symptoms.

-          I have followed your advice and went looking for calmare therapy – couldn’t find any around since I live In a small country – I found one center who have a PBK “Italian electro machine”
The owner claims that he have amended it’s program to do the effect of calmare/ since I had no choice I tried it /
To my surprise it worked wonderfully. And after only 6 sessions  . my pain was 50 % less . now I have high hopes , I think by Christmas my aldodystrophy will be gone  "6 month after the discovery of the RSD”
So I definitely recommend calmare or alternative calmare ,  since I have tried acupuncture and other  it helped only at first.   Dr Blake: Calmare works permanently on some and some seem to need booster sessions occasionally. Calmare is an electrical current and does not involve anything invasive, like IVs or injections. 

-          My main problem is that after I heal from the main full leg pain I would still have issues with my fingers and sesamoid bones ,  because of the non bearing issue – what shall I do or start doing to improve mineralization in
That area. And as per your  experience how much time it would take to get back to normal in that area after RSD is gone. I am seriously desperate to go back to normal and willing to do anything required.
Dr Blake's comment: This patients has had very bad disuse atrophy of the bones from months of non weight bearing and inactivity. The treatment needs to be directed towards gradual weight bearing. There is no time lines that I know. Set benchmarks on what you can do this month, and reset them in next month. By gradually increasing walking, biking, elliptical, core work, etc. the strength will come back, but never at the pace you want. 

-          I have another issue , with orthotics ,  I have tried a dozen with a collection of shoes . and paid of fortune on these . still I have a problem that when I stand more than 20 minutes in these ,  I feel like I have been standing all day, and
I have to sit for a while before I can walk pain free. Also walking for more than 15 minutes give the same feeling.
I got some weird pain till the point that I thought I have RSD in the second leg . but I don’t /
I know orthotics are not supposed to be 100% comftable and that they changed our gait .   but this is really frustrating and I feel it in both legs , if I have to wear orthotics for a year or so , I really need to find a solution.
An orthopedic doctor told me that my calfs became weak and there’s too much pressure on the feets and heels= he said that  after a year of wearing orthotics my gait changed and my muscles got weaker and that I need to do stationary biking – I cannot do biking now and waiting for a month or so when RSD is fully gone.
Is that kind of pain and discomfort normal when wearing orthotics ,  what can I do to reduce it ???
Dr Blake's comment: All you can expect orthotic devices to do is protect the joint that was injured. Your symptoms seem to be bone fatigue and muscle fatigue and nerve irritability. You seem to be on the right path to restrengthen. Find the most comfortable orthotic you have and experiment with more padding, more arch support, more dancer's pads, etc. See if anything mechanical really improves the tissue threshold you are experiencing now. 
-          Regarding Vitamins .  the doctor told me to reduce smoking and it helped . he gave me raw honey since he said some new researches revealed that RSD is linked to a deficit in the immune system.
And I am taking multivitamins with extra calcium and magnesium.  For how long do you think I should continue taking vitamins ? ? is it ok to take for long months or years or this could be harmful.
Dr Blake's comment: I think that you should sit down with a registered nutritionist and attempt a game plan to reduce inflammation, improve nerve and bone health, and strengthen your immune system. 

Sorry for the long email.

I thank you a lot for your support and wish you happy holidays . Jesus bless for being such a hope for many people around.
Dr Blake's comment: Thank you, I have been so blessed by God that it is hard to ask for anything else. Merry Christmas to you. 

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