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Friday, December 26, 2014

Hallux Limitus/Rigidus: Top 10 Initial Treatments

    The top 10 initial treatments for Hallux Limitus/Rigidus are:

  1. Create a pain free (0-2 pain level) environment with some form of immobilization and/or protected weight bearing.dreamstime_m_40381369.jpg
  2. 3 times daily use topical anti-inflammatory measures with icing twice and one session of contrast baths (you don’t have to tell anyone about your rubber ducky in in the bath!!). dreamstime_m_34958737.jpg
  3. Learn how to spica tape the big toe joint for times you want to immobilize (see my video at YouTube entitled drblakeshealingsole Spica Taping).spicataping3.jpg
  4. Learn how to make dancer’s pads for any shoe or boot to off weight the big toe joint. One eighth inch adhesive felt can be purchased from for this purpose. Dancer's Pad.jpg
  5. Learn if arch supports are necessary to transfer weight to the arch and middle of your foot. You can try the Red Sole inserts sold online or at stores like REI.Your Sole Inserts.jpg
  6. See if you can get xrays and an MRI to look at the health of the joint internally.
  7. Purchase a carbon graphite plate that can be used in some shoes under the insert to limit the joint motion for some activities.
  8. If you were started in a boot to obtain a pain free environment, purchase an Evenup to keep the spine level and avoid back issues. Removable Boot with Evenup3.jpg
  9. From the day you begin treatment, begin strengthening your feet, and lower extremities. Avoid pain, but this approach will lessen the deconditioning. This can be mean a lot of core work, some cardio on stationary bikes, and specific foot exercises approved by the health care provider (as long as they do not hurt is the general rule).dreamstime_m_40635691.jpg
10. Use adhesive felt on the top of the foot (typically 2 layers of 1/8th inch or just ¼ inch) from next to the bump at the top of the big toe joint, but not over, in any shoe that it helps take pressure off.Bunion protection.jpg

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