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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nerve Pain: Dr Danielle Rosenman

Hi Rich,

Steven was happy to see you today, and I am happy that his feet are well cared for!

We forgot to get you some flyers for the new groups I have starting February 23 and 24, A Change of Mind: Neuroplastic Tools for Healing.  Here is a short description from the syllabus:

These innovative experiential groups teach participants basic principles and practical applications of the neuroplastic ability of the brain to change, in order to reduce symptoms such as pain, discomfort related to illness, stress, anxiety, and depression.  Participants improve their quality of life by using a specific learning method to change brain pathways along with well-researched effective techniques such as meditation, imagery, journaling, expressive arts, and changes of thoughts and behaviors.

I developed the groups within the context of  the neuroplastic method developed by Dr. Michael Moskowitz, a psychiatrist and pain specialist who is profiled in the first chapter of “The Brain’s Way of Healing,” the new book by Dr. Norman Doidge (who wrote “The Brain that Changes Itself”).  By the way, it is a great book – even more exciting than his first book.

I’ve attached the flyer – if you want to refer people, you could print it in your office, or ask me to mail you copies, which I would be happy to do.  I’ve also attached a letter to colleagues and, for your interest, a piece I wrote about my process in getting from there to here.

By the way, I have had no foot pain since about 5 or 6 months after I started using the neuroplastic tools against pain.  I can now walk easily for an hour in the hills (mild up and down or flat), and up to 2 hours on occasion!  Steven and I went to Alaska in September, a trip I couldn’t imagine 2 years ago, and on the cruise part, we danced every night.  We hiked at every port.  Hurray!   My orthotics are still working well – thanks!

All the best,

Danielle Rosenman, M.D.

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