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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foot Nerve Pain: You Tube Video Comment Reply

Hi Dr Blake, I have excruciating pain in between the 1st & 2nd metatarsal. (4 years ongoing). It only happens when I walk for long, try to run, carry heavy items or wear tight shoes. MRI scans showed nothing, XRays showed nothing. Could it be a neuroma? Massaging it helps alot. The cold also aggravates the pain. Anti inflammatory meds help as well as lyrica for nerves. My guess it is a pinched nerve or a neuroma.

Dr Blake's comment:
With the negative scan, this is typically an L4/L5 nerve root irriation or double crush syndrome. Neuromas are rare in this area. Look into neural flossing/gliding and topical NeuroEze. Have the nerves evaluated by a neurologist or physiatrist for radiculopathy. Definitely try to manipulate the weight bearing with Hapad Longitudinal Arch Pads and try restricting toe motion with toe separators, Budin Splints, spica taping. Ice Pack for 10 minutes twice daily for the next month to see if this is helpful. Hope this helps.

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