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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If you think I know what I am doing, read this!! At least I have great patients!!

Hello my most exceptionally wonderful and PATIENT Dr. Blake.  It was so nice to see you again. You always make me feel like we are in this together and that I'm not being left hanging out on a limb all alone!  The last adjustment we made did not seem to help much with off loading the lateral column. I noticed almost immediately that I had lost some of that wonderful support I had been enjoying and am pronating more than I was.  I have had to add arch to both orthotics. Taking the wedge off the topcover helped tremendously but I am still having numb toes and soreness along the lateral side.  I tried the met pads in every possible way and even bought some of the blue hard ones thinking they would be better.  They just seem to press even harder on the nerve.  I knew I had neuromas but apparently they have been dormant for years.  Your website said to try different shoe gear so I bought three different pair from your list and have had no better luck with any of them.  I know you said the fifth mets were dropped so could that be the issue?  You are so knowledgeable so I will not even try to interject my thoughts here.  I really don't want these numb toes to become a permanent fixture but don't know what else to try.  Sorry to be such a pain.
I await your suggestions but amputations and lobotomies are not possible.😁

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