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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Complex Regional Pain Checklist

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Checklist

*    Identifying the Source of pain (this is mainly to rule out other possible causes of pain)

*    Mechanical Means of Breaking Pain Cycle (crutches, limited activity, Roll aBout scooters, accommodative padding, etc) Sympathetic nerve blocks are crucial as soon as possible.
*    Oral Medications to Break Pain Cycle (typically lyrica, neurontin, cymbalta, elavil, etc)

*    Topical Medications/Applications to Break Pain Cycle   (lidoderm patches, compounding meds, Neuro-Eze, and many, many more)

*    Alternative (acupuncture, Calmare Pain Therapy, biofeedback, etc)

*    Nutritional (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins C, B6, B12, Inositol, Natural Thyroid Supplement, omega 3 fish oil, etc)

*    Rehabilitation of Limb Function (understanding of chronic and acute pain, when to push through pain and when to honor pain).
*    Being Productive as possible (pain is overwhelming, need to focus part of the day on some productive task)
*    Co morbidities (psychiatic counseling should be started immediately

*    Other (Ketamine Infusions, meditation, prayer)

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