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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Calmare Pain Therapy: Email Correspondance

Dear Dr. Rich,

Yes, I finally got through to Dr. Gutierrez and signed up for the treatment, starting Monday, March 21.  My symptoms were perhaps not typical; most people start with a lot of pain and it gradually reduces.  My neuropathy pains have always been intermittent and worse at night;  a major problem has been sensitivity of the soles of my feet.  So for the first treatment my pain level was zero  before treatment, but they did it anyway.  However, that same day I noticed a marked improvement in the sensitivity of the soles.  The second day I wore a pair of thin soled shoes and before the treatment walked around on rough ground including a gravel path, and it felt OK.  This was something I absolutely could not have done before.   Again zero pain at the start of the treatment, but I am sure the treatment was beneficial.  I don't know if Dr.Gutierrez though I was a hypocondriac, since I was supposed to have more pain.  I ended up having only 3 treatments;  I questioned  whether getting all 10 proposed treatments would be beneficial.  The shooting pains I had for the past year or more had been less lately and have not recurred.  Dr. Gutierrez agreed for me to stop after the 3rd session (and not have to pay for all 10) with the understanding that if pain returned I could "start over."

I am happy about the outcome and grateful to you for telling me about it.  The other symptom of neuropathy, which they call "compression" or feeling like the feet are overstuffed sausages, with difficulty  flexing the toes, is apparently not helped by this treatment.  And then there's the arthritis which is still active.  However,  any progress is welcome and I am now able to wear all my shoes, some of which I could not get my feet into a few months ago, and walk much more comfortably.

So, many thanks, and I hope Calmare gets full approval.

Best regards,

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  1. what is the cost of the calmare treatment? (out of pocket, as my HMO insurance is unlikely to pony up)
    also, are there specific requirements before having it done? (eg, you have to exhaust xyz treatments before doing it)



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