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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fat Pad Atrophy Article

Someday it will be easy to get an injection to restore the fat pad when you need it. 


  1. Hi Dr. Blake-- Is there anyone currently using this technique? I've been dealing with a bruised sesamoid area on my right foot for 2 1/2 years ( as well as miles plantar fasciitis). I've had MRI, bone scan and x rays, physical therapy, and a boot. The thing that has helped the most has been your suggestions of contrast bathing, stretching and taping. This all started from overuse -- frequent 20 mile rides on my road bike with clip in bike shoes and a lot of hills. I have very high arches, and I've noticed that my right foot metatarsal fat pad is substantially thinner than the left. I'm 56, so I'm wondering if this is an age related issue as well. And, will it get worse? Thanks for any comments you might have!

    1. Thanks for you comment and I am sorry for your problems. I am not sure nationally how to contact providers that do this. Dr Pardis Kelly in the San Francisco Bay Area may be able to have you contact her supplier and they may have a list of podiatrists, dermatologists, or plastic surgeons that could be using. The Hannaford orthotic that I describe in detail in my blog is the best I have found from this, but getting your doc or pedorthist to make one may be difficult as well. Fat Pad Atrophy can get worse, but if you can protect your feet with weight bearing activities, you should have a very comfortable life (foot wise at least). Hope this helps some. Rich


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