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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Possible Shoes for Sesamoid or other Metatarsal Problems to check out

Hello Dr. Blake!

Good news!   Yesterday, my doctor repeated sesamoid-xray and compared it to previous xray:   he was suprised/happy that my sesamoid shows signs of healingon xray that he says is often not seen at this point!  He has me continuing w limited weight bearing for another 4-8 wks.  I wanted to share this good news with you!   :-)

Please pardon my previous email as I wanted to take this oppty to clarify that I did not mean for you to spend any time reviewing options; I just meant to ask if you typically recommend ONE particular model for say, Hokas brand, because I didn't know if ONE model or ANY model Hokas is good for sesamoid.

I've done more research and I believe this may help narrow down the choices for fellow sesamoid-sufferers:

Hokas offers one WIDE width shoe:  Hoka One One Bondi 4 Wide.   

Crocs offers the " Crocs RX Ultimate Cloud"; this model is very highly rated and    made of Croslite material (conforms to foot creating a custom fit).  Crocs also offers a few more "Rx" models that may be helpful for fellow sesamoid-sufferers.

Wednesday, I mailed my CT CD/report to you and hope you can review it when you have time.   Thank you again for your help and support, it is greatly appreciated. 

Sincere regards,


  1. What about Men's DRESS SHOES, that an be word with a suit, and are appropriate for SESAMOID issues? It seems like there are plenty of options for running/walking/casual shoes for men, and lots of dressier shoes/office shoes for women, but very little in the way of dress shoes for men. Very stiff, rigid sole, wide toebox, lower heel. These are the criteria I've been told to look for, for a foot with a sesamoid inflammation. The shoe stores aren't much help. You call and describe what you are looking for and then come in to check out the shoe and it turns out you can bend it with one hand like cardboard. I know the doctor made a list back in 2010 that are good for orthotics but I don't think most of those shoes have very rigid soles. Can anyone help? Would an insert be just as good, and if so, which one would be good for stiffening the shoe but not so much that it becomes dangerous to walk on? I would love to get any kind of direction or help from anyone who can help. Thank you.

  2. and by the way, how rigid is "rigid"? I've found two extremely stiff men's dress shoes by Brooks Brothers but they were $800 a pair. I refuse to believe that recovering from Sesamoid pain requires buying an $800 pair of dress shoes (and walking around in them even casually when in shorts or jeans).

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