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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sesamoid Injuries: The Meaning of the word Sclerosis

I have been studying sesamoid injuries for years and see sclerosis (dense white) of the bones all the time. I hate when it is just assumed that this is an indication of dead bone. I have not found this one finding to play any role in my determination for overall healing. Here are two references sparked by my patient with a great CT scan documenting healing, but mentioning that sclerosis was seen. I am trying to encourage her that sclerosis is more a sign of normal bone remodeling, whereas bone fragmentation is more a sign of avascular necrosis. I think the use of bone stimulators increase the sclerosis findings, and they are allowing the bone to heal quicker and stronger. Ok, off my platform. Do they still stand on boxes in Hyde Park, London? Rich

Jane (name changed),  here is an article talking about sclerosis as part of the normal healing spectrum. Everything points to you healing fine. Claim it, just do not abuse your foot. Gradually go towards more activity. Rich

​And this slide talks about the sclerotic bone seen that many call avascular necrosis, but it is well vascularized new bone, So, the word sclerosis that does not help, and it more confusing. If you read your report minus the word sclerosis, you should be very happy. Rich

And this article only talks about sclerosis as a normal part of healing. 

And one last reference (read point 22 on page 35). Thanks

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