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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Strength Training: Correcting The Weaker Side

This concept of strengthening is truly a big deal. We need to strengthen the weaker side by doing either twice as many repetitions as the strong side, or by breaking down the sets into smaller reps to keep proper technique. This applies to any strengthening program you are doing on both sides, even if you do not know the current reason. Correcting these imbalances will always help you in the future.


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  1. Dear Dr Blake

    I first want to thank you for your time in reading this. My daughter Has always had a dream of playing basketball in college. She was progressing quite nicely until she began having pain in her ankles, feet and back in the 8th grade. We went in to see her podiatrist. She was initially diagnosed with tarsal coalition. We got a second opinion and was told she had flat feet in addition to the tarsal coaliton. We were also told that her daughter had similar dreams and the doctor wanted her daughter to have normal arches so her daughter did the flat feet surgery. Altho she was able to walk again she could never play basketball again. She told this to my daughter to basically say if my daughter had this surgery she would be able to do daily activities but not competitive sports. And that may she should consider just playing limited minutes as much as her feet would tolerate.

    I read online that you enjoy playing basketballand and hoped that you could either see my daughter or if you could recommend someone I could see who give any other options with more positive outcomes. I am from Sacramento but am willing to go out to see you. I am not willing at this point to let my daughter's dream die and just give up. I am hoping that there are surgical options or better yet non surgical options for her. She just turned 14 and was looking forward to hopefully playing varsity as a freshman. Also I read somewhere that keep extremely fit and not keeping unnecessary weight could also help her.
    Thanks again so much for any help you can give.


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