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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Avascular Necrosis: Article supporting Bone Stim

Some of my patients get avascular necrosis (dead bone) after a sesamoid fracture. I have seen patients heal just fine with prolonged protection with orthotics and dancer's pads, improved bone circulation with contrast bathing daily, creating the 0-2 pain free environment for healing, and the Exogen bone stimulation. Attention should also be made to the overall bone health with healthy diets and Vitamin D deficiencies. Occasionally, it is apparent that a Bone Density screen is needed. Poor bone health overall will definitely slow us down. This review article on avascular necrosis, like all articles on this subject, are all weighted toward surgery, but does have many good points on conservative treatment and appropriate imaging. For the sesamoids in particular, get a CT scan if AVN is noted. The chance of healing is low if the bone has fragmented, which only the CT scan really shows well.

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