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Friday, April 28, 2017

Never Give Up!!

Hey Readers, I do not always do everything right, or get my patients well. I am willing and able to make referrals for a good thought process, especially if I have not seen something before, or someone has more experience that I know about, or my patient is not getting well. This was a kind letter from a dad that I had treated, and who talked his daughter into seeing me. She has a difficult problem, but some initial simple but common sense treatment helped her. And she is still doing much better months afterwards. So Keep Trying to get well! Docs and PTs, etc, all use general rules that may or may not apply to you. We all get tunnel vision. I am an old podiatrist with 36 years of experience and definitely have fixed ideas. But, I can still learn from patients, and articles, and I generally have good common sense. I remember one year or so ago I saw this patient with severe nerve pain on the bottom of his foot. He had hundreds of thousands of dollars of nerve testing, biopsies, and consults from very smart people. But he still could not walk, even with boots, crutches, special shoes. I put alittle lipstick, my favorite shade of red, to mark the sore spot on the bottom of his foot. I then had the mark transfer to his shoe insert by stepping on it. I then fashioned a $5 off weighting pad to float the sore area. He walked down the hall with no pain for the first time in 2 years!!

Dear Dr. Blake,

     I can not thank you enough for your wonderful, thoughtful care of my daughter, Melissa. She was sure that things would go as they did with roughly 5 prior podiatrists..... no listening, let alone solution, to the pain she experiences other then surgery, orthotics, etc. But you evidence not only compassion and listening but have the gift and mastery to offer simple solutions that have profound consequences. Hours after meeting I received a text from Melissa stating that the simple intervention of some padding under her toe was already relieving pain, enabling her to walk better and use her foot. She actually texted "I'm crying because I'm so happy".... she had given up on there being any help and that she just had to resign herself to a life of pain!! She found that massage work was not either as physically exhausting or pain inducing as it had been (doing it on one foot!). It would not be possible to overestimate how profound this is and the difference it will make in her life. I suspect that the connection to John King might also prove to make a big difference. I can't begin to thank you and express my appreciation.... you are the consummate doctor and healer I experienced... and we are very fortunate to have crossed your path. best,

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