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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sesamoid Pain: Email Advice

Dear Dr Blake,

I found your blog through a search engine and I have read stories on your blog, I feel positive that you may give me a proper advice. I have this pain below my big toe on right feet for almost 2 months since October 22,  developed during my sister in law wedding. I am not a sports person nor do running or dancing. After I return to Singapore, I felt my toe bone hurts very much. I have trouble walking and have to walk while dragging my feet to work. I ignore it for over a month. It is an on and off pain.

After one month of pain, I could not take it, I google about my symptoms and found out it may be likely is Sesamoiditis, which match my condition very well. I read other doctors advises such as stop wearing heels, take as much rest as possible, massage with ice and etc. It helps my condition however with my work nature that requires me to walk a lot, the pain came back. I am still thinking if I should go to see a doctor and do Xray. As I do not have insurance to cover the cost, this is a big dilemma for me. I am afraid it may take a toll on my finance. 

I have switched to a better support shoe and I am also looking for an arch support sole to help my feet to recover faster. Dr Blake, do you think I need to see a doctor? 
Dr Blake's comment: I am sorry for your dilemma. Unfortunately, everyone would tell you the same. Please see a doctor and get the right treatment. Severe sesamoiditis, as you may have, requires months of protection. You must create the 0-2 pain level environment quickly. See if you can find a doctor to put you on a payment plan. You have to treat this as a stress fracture with 3 months minimum of some form of immobilization. You could get adhesive felt from a supplier, and build a dancer's pad to off weight and put yourself in a flat stiff shoe, I use postoperative shoes to start the process. Experiment with spica taping, cluffy wedges, OTC arch supports to protect, immobilize and off weight. Good luck. Rich

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


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