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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Big Toe Bone Spur: Email Advice

Hello Dr. Blake,

I am very glad to say that searching on the Internet trying to find information about the problem I have I came across your blog. Thank God you have opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding of what I'm about to do.

I am about to have cheilectomy in my right big toe because I have developed a spur, which annoys me a lot when jogging. This is what my doctor here in Athens, Greece has suggested to me.
I am wondering if the simple movements on self-mobilization you are proposing for the big toe joint in your videos, might help and alleviate me from the burden of having the surgery.
Best Regards,

Dr. Blake's comment: 
     Yes, the conservative treatment can prevent or delay the course of surgery on the big toe joint. It is at least valuable information in the postoperative setting to see what helps take the pressure off the healing joint. Give yourself 3 months to see if it works. Self-mobilization is only one thing to try. My blog has been treatments for Hallux limitus which these spurs fall under. Try to skip the eyelet above the spur to help in any shoe you get pain. Try to place padding just to the bump, not over it. This is called proximal padding. I use 1/4 inch adhesive felt, but any soft material can be used in an inch square shape to tape down. Try spica taping to restrict the motion of the big toe joint. Try dancer's padding to off weight the whole joint from the bottom. Ice the area for 5 minutes twice daily for the next month to see if some of your pain is inflammatory, and not just mechanical. You can also experiment with shoes with bigger toe boxes depth-wise, or shoes with rocker to decrease toe bend like Hoka One One. Hope this experimentation helps you. Rich
PS. My wife and I have been to Athens, Mykonos, Delos, Paros, Naxos, and Santorini. Can not wait to go back in a couple of years. We want to see Crete and Rhodes for sure. Beautiful area. 

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