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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Free Ebook to the first One Hundred who Email

22 sent, 10 received, 78 to go!!! (updated 1-12-19) If you ordered, you should have received. One patient found it in the Spam folder. I have more to send, so please ask. I want to help!!

     I would love to offer a free ebook (500 plus pages) to the first one hundred who send their email me at as a form of celebration to start the new year. I am so happy I have been able to help some of you, and I so appreciate the warm support of this book. The book can also be a gift from you to a loved one who you think will benefit. Please be patient with my mailing through Amazon website, as I will be handling the requests over the next month. As you read the book, please free feel to email me comments on your experiences, or questions that come up, as I want this to spur conservation, and I want us all to be healthier. Thank you and Happy New Year. Rich

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