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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Heart Rate Watches: Keeping in the Target Zone

     I am currently on the search for a heart rate watch, since I want to exercise safely, but have some heart problems to manage. I have given up basketball since I could not stay in the safe Training Zone. The rule with heart rate is 220-age= Maximum Heart Rate. I am 65 in a few days. Medicare here I am!! But, when you do the math, my max heart rate is 155 and my training zone is 132 (85%) to 109 (70%). In basketball, I was at 150 after a few strolls down the court in a pickup game. Friends and mentors of mine have collapsed and died from massive heart attacks, and these smart watches may have saved their lives. I need one that will work overseas, and be as accurate as a chest strap device. Wish me luck!!,review-2885.html

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